You can help your dog be accustomed to the grooming process. Work with your dog to set them up for success. These are skills which your dog will use and you both will benefit from for life.
Some helpful habits.
1. “Brush” your dog with “stuff and things”. Just pick up random objects (Kleenex boxes, magazine, cup, ect) and pet them with it. This will translate into your dog allowing the groomer to touch them with things (razor sharp shears, clippers, different brushes, ect.) they may find are odd. Without getting excited, nervous, curious which can be dangerous. This will also help at the vets and more.
2. Touch your dog everywhere! While playing make sure to touch them on the bum, on their legs, tummy, neck, everywhere. When relaxing stick your fingers in their mouth, in their ears, in between their toes. During the grooming process your dog will be touched Every centimeter of their body. They may have ear hair to remove, paw pads to maintain, bums to clean and we want your dog to be ok with all of it, not nervous, surprised or uncomfortable. This also is great for the vet or yourself if you need to inspect your dog for injuries and such.
3. Treat your dog for good behavior. Make certain NOT to treat them if they don’t do well. But, if they allow you to brush them, treat them, if they let you trim a nail, treat them. It is your responsibility to help your dog be ok for things that are normal in maintaining your dog.
4. Practice, consistency and effort.
By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Grooming @mybestfriendsmunchies