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Hi, I’m Flavia, I can proudly say we are a women-led, locally owned and operated pet store. We are born and raised in Brazil, all of us. Humans and dogs that you see in this pic! So you might ask yourself, how and when did we end up here, right?! 

In 2015 I had an opportunity to move abroad. This unique experience was a gift for me. It was time to reframe my life. I changed priorities. I turned it off the autopilot life mode. I started to live mindfully, learned yoga, and meditation. The self-aware was a game-changer for me. I connected myself to my essence which rekindled the desire to be closer to nature and animals. And if life is made of choices we chose to listen to the inner voice, I was ready to go after an old dream. So, here we are, since January 2020. There is no better place to be. No better place to start our pet business. 

This process was a long path, took us more than 1 year and a half to accomplish it. Beginning of 2019 my husband and I came to Boulder, to get the know the city, people, lifestyle. We fell in love immediately. We went back home filled with longing to “be boulder”, the mountains were calling us back! People say that when we have a passion we are filled with hope and spirit. That’s true! When we are passionate about something we come alive, and, if passion is contagious so I really hope that I can share these enjoyment and fulfillment feelings with you at your Neighborhood Pet Store! ⠀

I call my family, Family LIFE, each letter of the word LIFE is the first letter of our name. Lucas (son) - Isabela (daughter) - Flavia (me) - Elton (husband). Our beloved furries are called Jack Bauer (the brown one) and John Lennon (black & white)

Meet Our Team

Flavia Rizzi

Ultimate pet lover!

Flavia is a Boulder Resident and a mom of two amazing kids and two lovely seniors shelties. She has been an animal lover all her life. To have the opportunity to open a Woof Gang Bakery has been a dream come true. No better time than today to combine passion with work. In addition to the fun and personal satisfaction of working with a clientele of furry friends, she will be honored to interact with all pet parents from our community!

Certified Pet First Aid & CPR.

Tabatha Gruchow

Professional Groomer

Tabatha is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer with Nationally Certified Master Groomer since 2005. She is proficient at hand stripping, fully scissored cuts, breed standard grooming, handling senior pets, puppies, and behavior issues of various kinds. Grooming is her passion, she always have smiles for pet parents and lots of TLC for all furry friends!

She is also able to groom small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs! Find her certifications below!

*Certified Canine Esthetician
*NDGAA Long Legged Terrier Certification
*NDGAA Short Legged Terrier Certification
*NDGAA Sporting Certification
*NDGAA Non-Sporting Certification
*NDGAA Master Groomer Certification
*Certified Small Mammals Grooming
* Certified Pet First Aid & CPR

Tracy Franklin

Professional Groomer

Tracy began grooming professionally in 1992. She jokes that she has always been able to "speak dog", although she rather mean it! She understands them, they share a mutual respect for one another. She gives the best care to your best friend, tons of love and a gentle touch. Your pup will look and feel great!

Certified Pet First Aid & CPR.

Brooke Jewell

Professional Groomer

Brooke joined WGB & Boulder as a retail assistant. She easily steals everyone's heart with her friendly and compassionate nature, along with her big heart for animals. To become a professional groomer was an old dream. She went to school and graduated in April 2022 at Dogs Own Grooming School in Loveland, CO. No doubt your pup will be in good hands as she makes the grooming experience as positive and stress-free as possible for them and for you!

Certified Pet First Aid & CPR.

Kristine Rickett

Professional Groomer

Kristine's experience ranges from working in big corporate salons to small salons. She strives to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible. Since 2017 working as a groomer, she believes that patience and trust are a must. For her, pet grooming is a fulfilling experience and a rewarding addition.

Certified Pet First Aid & CPR.

Domonique Bryant

Professional Dog Groomer
Domonique has been grooming since 2011. She has groomed for large cooperate salons to a small salon, she has also worked at Vet Clinics. She enjoys the satisfaction each finished groom brings! She has a special gift for remain incredibly calm and patient with even the most difficult or challenging dogs. Her goal with every visit meets the store approach, where the well-being and safety comes first.

Paola Benitez

Professional Dog Groomer
Paola started her grooming life in 2021. She started her career working on the big boxes store and then moved to local ones. She has a passion for animals that shows when she meets your pup at the store. Paola can confidently handle all breeds. At every visit, Paola's goal is to make the dog's time with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Grayson Bruton

Professional Pet Groomer
Grayson started his career back in 2020. Like many other groomers he started grooming on the big boxes store and then moved to local ones. He is an animal enthusiastic and prides himself on his detail work. Grayson really enjoys spending special one on one time with the dogs!

Carsen Kesick

Professional Groomer

Carsen joined WGB Grooming first day in 2023 and is apprenticing under Tabatha, our master groomer. As soon as the store opened the position for an apprenticeship she not just applied but also popped up at the store to show her interest. She has always had a great love for animals which resulted in her wanting to work with them. She is a fast learner and she has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Very sweet girl!

Certified Pet First Aid & CPR.

John Lennon & Peanut Butter

Official Product Revieweres

John Lennon is the senior one! 13 years old shetland sheepdog who loves treats and belly rubs! Peanut Butter is a rescued and sweet boy who joined our family in 2021! Our new chief tasting officer!

Jack Bauer

FUREVER Official Product Revieweres
Our beloved Jack bauer crossed the bridge in 2021 after 13 years old filling our heart with joy and laugh! He will hold a place in our heart forever. We miss you.

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We love all of our customers from Boulder and surrounding areas including Niwot, Gunbarrel, Pine Brook Hill, Altona, Lyons, Louisville, and more!

Come visit our pet supply store and professional groomer in Boulder, CO specializing in quality food, supplies, and care for cats and dogs.