There will come a day when the age of your best friend may prevent them from safely getting groomed.
Here is some information to consider to help your senior dog that groomers should be aware of.
1. Older dogs have thinner skin, this means it is more inclined to tear. Pay special attention to this when working out mats as this becomes a risk with every tug of the brush.
2. Older dogs may have growths, moles, skin tags that can get caught in a clippers blade, scratched with the brush. Both of which will be painful for your dog or even result in serious injury.
3. Arthritis and hip/joint issues may be present in an older dog. As groomers there are things we can change during the grooming process to help work around such issues. Such as using our leg underneath them to help support their weight, being extra gentle, giving breaks and carful moving the area if needed and maybe leaving a dog slightly incomplete. But keep in mind that grooming is an endurance game lasting approximately 2 hours! They will be asked to get up and down from the table and bath in most cases, asked to stand a lot of the time, and be touched and moved the entire time.
4. Old dogs may not be able to hear or see. This dog can be groomed but keep in mind they may need more patience and time so they don’t get startled.
5. Always inform your groomer of any surgeries, pains, moles (ect.), ailments and age of your dog.
6. It is imperative to not allow your senior dog to become matted. Mats are not ok for the average pet much less our senior fur babies. They are far more risky to endure and remove on an older dog.
By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Groom @mybestfriendsmunchies