Tear stains! There are certain breeds of dogs and types of dogs such as short muzzled dogs who are prone to tear stains but there’s a lot more that contributes to those stains on your pups face. Tap water or hard water can cause staining. Your dogs diet has a lot to do with tear stains too. Tear stains are stains! Even the harshest of soaps will nearly lighten them, eye stain products used everyday for a month, barely lightens them. A groomer will have to cut them out or temporarily cover them with powder to make them unseen.
Things that can help with your pups tear stains:
1. Changing their water to filtered water.
2. Changing your dogs diet.
3. Wipe your dogs face daily with a damp cloth.
4. Use a tear stain treatment daily.

By Michelle McCauley  
The Mindful Grooming @MyBestFriendsMunchies