Shedding! Here is some information for the shedding pet and their parents dealing with all that coat!
1. Even short coated dogs shed, some (like the lab) shed considerably.
2. There are times in the year when the seasons change that your dog may “blow their coat” this can also be initiated by having a really cold day in summer or a really hot day in winter.
3. If shedding hair is not removed from the coat and is allowed to fall out but not off than it can cause mats so make sure to brush that extra hair off.
4. Finger plucking is a useful technique when you see tufts of hair sticking out of the coat. You can simply grab these tuft with your fingers and pull them straight out of the coat. It is a lot of work but helps maintain the shedding pet.
5. Sometimes you will see the shedding coat as a lighter shade of fur sticking out, this helps indicate that it’s time to do some shedding maintenance.
6. When you pay for “de shedding” at the groomers this is what your getting: 
-20+ minutes of brushing out the coat. 
-getting the coat brushed out with special tools which just take the undercoat and any dead or extra coat stuck in.
-the use of a special shampoo which makes the un needed or extra undercoat come out. 
-extra time with the high velocity dryer while brushing and back brushing to again get all the remaining dead or extra undercoat off. 
-another lady go over the coat with special brushes.
7. Staying on top of shedding maintenance will help ensure your pet is warm in winter and cooler in summer. It will help stave off matting and help keep them fresh and clean. Deshedding is also great for skin health and allows the skin to breath. Plus it still help considerably with human allergies and keeping the hair volume down in your floor and furniture.

By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Groom @bestfriendsmunchies