Information about your dogs nails.
Your dogs nails should be trimmed once a month!
What happens if your dogs nails have not been cut and are overgrown? (Too long)
1. The quick lengthens, which means it will be quite the process to get them trimmed short again. Rarely an “easy fix”.
2. Your dogs nail is more likely to get caught on something which can injure them resulting in an uncomfortable vet visit.
3. In extreme cases the nail can curl under and become embedded resulting in a very uncomfortable and pained dog in need of a vet visit.
4. When nails touch the ground your dogs weight will be distributed incorrectly. This results in:
5. Joint pain, arthritis issues.
6. Your dogs paws and toes will become painfully splayed out or even twisted.
7. Your dog could become paw sensitive, making future nail trims, grooming, ect. Difficult.
8. Make certain to check your dogs nails and keep them maintained. Never assume that the sidewalk has filed them down enough for good nail health.
9. When trimming always trim small slivers at a time, stopping when you see a black center of the nail, this means your next to the quick.
10. Your dog needs to be ok for nail trimming, this is an important life skill. Work with your dog, train your dog, find a patient groomer who won’t dangerously wrestle and traumatize them, making it even more difficult.
by Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Grooming @mybestfriendsmunchies