Just like your dog learned “sit, stay.” Your dog can learn to be an amazing grooming dog. It is important for their safety that they do so.
Dangerous behavior is more than the possible of a bite. It is jumping, scratching, even licking and so much more. Your groomers tools are extremely razor sharp. Groomers must put these razor sharp tools near your dogs eyes, the webbing of armpits and toes, near lips, ears and bums. It is imperative that pet parents have done their part to help their dog succeed and be safe for grooming.
1. Communication is key! The pet parent can not help their dog if they are never told there is an issue. 2. To keep the grooming process safe and stress free you can turn away dogs who are a liability to your business IF the pet parent is not willing to help work with their dog.
2. It is ok to not accomplish every single grooming task if it is unsafe. One day this individual dog on your table will be able to do it all, maybe today is not that day.
3. Never “force” a dog, struggle with a dog or “fight” with a dog. This is unsafe and will only validate the dogs fear. It should not take another groomers help (wasted time and money) struggling with a dog is how accidents happen.
4. Stay patient, gentle and kind. Dogs react to gentleness. Asking “permission” allowing dogs to say “no” (pull away) and giving warnings before trying “the thing” again will pay off. It takes the same amount of time as struggling with the dog except is safe and teaches the dog that it is safe. This is how you create a great grooming dog.
5. Communicate with pet parents that there is a handling fee for dangerous behaviors. Communicate with pet parents what issues their dog is having AND how you will work together to help the dog overcome said obstacle. Communicate to the pet parent that perhaps not every task will get done today BUT you are willing to work with them to help keep their dog safe and comfortable, this will pay off in every part of the dogs life. (Vet visits, doggie daycare, possible injury inspection, ect.)
By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Grooming @mybestfriendsmunchies