With everyone working from home and doing school from home for so long it’s important to think of your dog during these times and how this lack of alone time is effecting then. Having zero time away from their pack can cause a separation anxiety issue. They also feel our anxiety and stress and need some time to not feel their humans emotions. Make sure to give your pup at least 30 minutes of alone time a day.
A dog with separation anxiety issues will bark, whine and try to “escape” during their grooming visit. This is not safe behavior and can stress out even the best of grooming dogs and groomers. When leaving your separation anxiety dog with the groomer make sure to communicate what helps bring their dog to calm. Will they be calmer if they are in a kennel? If the kennel is covered? What words do you use at home for calm or reassurance? Remember that this is not something your dog just has to live with. They need your help and their are solutions to help everyone.

By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful Groom @mybestfriendsmunchies