Make sure to use conditioner! 

When you shampoo your pup you are stripping their coat of all the oils including the good natural oils they need. A dog who is not conditioned will over produce oil to make up for what was taken, resulting in that wet dog smell. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner made for dogs. They have a different PH than us and our products can be harmful. When conditioning a wire haired coat only use a minuscule amount and rinse right away so as not to soften the coat. All other coat types can have plenty of conditioner. Not only will it replenish oils and make their coat silky soft but it’s amazing for their skin too! Make certain to rinse your pup very well. And product left in the coat will leave a film, attract dirt and should not be ingested. By Michelle McCauley The Mindful Grooming @mybestfriendsmunchies