Do you have a dog who is having a hard time with the high velocity dryer? Here are a couple things you can do that might help.
1. Utilize a “happy hoodie”. This will help dogs who’s anxiety is from the loud noise by muffling said noise and working like a “thunder jacket” snugly around their ears.
2. Turn the dryer on before they have even gotten out of the bath. This will help reduce the “shock” of the noise.
3. Always warn “loud noise”. This will prepare the dog, helping them not startle
4. If it is the air pressure that is causing anxiety, try laying a towel over the dog and letting the dryer touch the towel. This is a great middle ground to help them work towards being able to handle the full contact of the dryers air pressure.
5. If all else fails than simply put them in the “gentle dryer” or cage dryer.
By Michelle McCauley - The Mindful From @mybestfriendsmunchies